Occupational Hygiene & Safety Services in Dublin

1 Sep 2017

Occupational Hygiene & Safety Services in Dublin

Since 2001, at Occupational Health & Safety Services (OHSS), we have offered occupational hygiene services and everything that this entails to the Irish commercial world. There is much to the umbrella term of ‘Occupational Hygiene & Safety’, but we have the knowledge and expertise to provide high quality solutions in all of the following:

Air Quality Monitoring - The ongoing assessment of levels of pollution and systematic monitoring of air quality ensures good airflow, creating a comfortable and safe place to work.

Ergonomic Assessments - The analysis and implementation of measures to ensure the workplace is ergonomically designed for maximum productivity with the least possible risk of injury.

Vibrations Analysis & Noise Measurement - The assessment of work areas to determine whether acceptable levels of vibration and noise are maintained.

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments - Safety at work is the ultimate responsibility of the employer, which is why training in the identification of hazards and risk assessments are so, so important.

Chemical Safety & Exposure Monitoring - Determining when, where and for how long workers are exposed to any chemical, biological or physical agents and implementing measures to minimise risk.

Asbestos Surveys, Fibre Monitoring & Analysis - The presence of asbestos in any premises, represents a very real danger if not managed correctly, so always involve the professionals!

Workplace Safety Statements - All employers require a safety statement by law. It is a written document that details the way Health & Safety is managed in a company. This represents the minimum level of duty of care an employer must provide to its employees regarding the management of potential hazards in the workplace.

If a company ignores Health & Safety and occupational hygiene, it is failing to address the potential risks its employees face during their work. If you have any question relating to anything described here, please do call us anytime on 01 6905907 or visit our website www.ohss.ie.

One of our friendly experts is always on hand to offer help and guidance for all of your occupational hygiene & safety needs.