Risk of Asbestos from Old War Memorabilia

This entry was posted on 30 May, 2016.

When you think of asbestos, you probably think of it as something present in homes and buildings. However asbestos is also present in many items used in World War One and World War Two. World War One helmets have been found to contain asbestos. These fibres can ... READ MORE

Asbestos Training in Dublin

This entry was posted on 29 May, 2016.

Asbestos training is essential for anyone who may come into contact with the material in the course of their job. It is also a legal requirement for anyone who routinely comes into contact with asbestos as part of their job. Depending on the occupation, we offer ... READ MORE

When You Need an Asbestos Survey in Dublin

This entry was posted on 27 May, 2016.

There are several reasons why you may need an asbestos survey. There are actually two different types of asbestos surveys. Which type you need will depend on why you need the survey. If you have encountered suspicious materials in your home or building, then ... READ MORE

Occupational Safety Training

This entry was posted on 25 May, 2016.

Occupational safety training is essential for your business. The aim of this training is to reduce the risk of occupational injury and disease. While this has obvious benefits for the employee, it has benefits for you as well. Injuries and disease are very costly ... READ MORE

Asbestos Companies and Their Duty in Ireland

This entry was posted on 17 May, 2016.

Asbestos companies in Ireland have a duty to keep their workers and anyone else that may be exposed to the asbestos safe. There are many regulations regarding asbestos exposure and disposal. The company must identify any asbestos containing materials before ... READ MORE

Asbestos News: Lisburn Firm Fined For Exposing Workers to Asbestos

This entry was posted on 12 May, 2016.

Asbestos continues to make headlines in Ireland. Many individuals and small businesses try to handle things themselves instead of following the proper protocols regarding asbestos. Some do this because they perceive the costs of proper asbestos inspection and ... READ MORE

Asbestos Dangers in Older Homes

This entry was posted on 29 April, 2016.

Asbestos was a commonly used material in older homes, but we now know just how dangerous it can be. Intact asbestos doesn’t pose a serious health risk. However, when it degrades over time or becomes damaged it releases fibres into the air. These fibres pose ... READ MORE

Asbestos Detection Techniques

This entry was posted on 26 April, 2016.

Asbestos is a concern in many older homes and buildings. If you are concerned about whether or not your home or building contains asbestos, you need to have it inspected to be sure. There are several techniques that we use to detect asbestos in your home. The ... READ MORE

Asbestos Issues In Ireland

This entry was posted on 14 April, 2016.

Asbestos continues to be a problem in Ireland. It was mainly used in the 1960s through the 1980s. It was phased out with laws passed in 1994 and 1998, but a complete ban wasn’t enacted until 2004. Asbestos was found in a school in Antrim during routine ... READ MORE

About Asbestos Awareness Training

This entry was posted on 08 April, 2016.

Asbestos is one of the most devastating occupational hazards of all time. And despite this undisputed fact, many organisations and employers have failed to recognise and identify asbestos materials in the workplace. This puts workers, as well as building occupants ... READ MORE

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